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Concrete reinforcement solutionsDSC_0158

We offer two types of steel fibres:

  • EKOMET 50x1.0 mm - Fibres commonly used for any surface whose thickness exceeds 80 mm.
  • EKOMET 50x0.8 mm - Fibres used for concrete surfaces subject to high loads. The same dosing values result in an increase of the fibre-reinforced concrete strength by 25 %.

EKOMET steel fibres are manufactured according to EN 14889-1. Based on tests performed by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw, our products have been approved for use in construction. Our products meet quality requirements and are CE-marked (1488).
Also, our products have been approved by the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw.


Once mixed with concrete, EKOMET fibre reinforcement forms a composite, the so-called fibre-reinforced concrete. Fibre-reinforced concrete using EKOMET fibres shows a considerable increase in impact strength, fatigue strength, fracture resistance and increase in tensile strength in bending. Using EKOMET steel fibres simplifies the construction process of concrete surfaces and reduces the cost.

All types of EKOMET fibres are designed for compounding fibre-reinforced concrete mixtures in industrial conditions (concrete plants), on site (mobile stations, dosing into concrete mixer trucks), and for individual purposes (concrete mixers).

In terms of dosing, EKOMET steel fibres can be used as an ordinary concrete mix fraction. See the product data sheet for more information.

99588132Projektowanie nawierzchni

Based on results of many tests of fibre-reinforced concrete with EKOMET steel fibres, it was possible to develop computational software to optimise concrete surfaces. Once provided with design data by the customer, it is possible to provide calculations with requirements for the subgrade, floor (surface) thickness, concrete grade, and the required EKOMET reinforcement quantity.

Steel wires88045768

We offer uncoated steel wires manufactured in our own drawing mill.

Material: :

Low-carbon steels – example grades S235JRG 2, C4D, C1006; and other grades as requested

Quality, tolerances, requirements:

acc. to EN 10218-2 (PN-67/M-80026)

Diameter range:

  • hard thin wires 0.80 to 1.4 mm (tensile strength approx. 1000 MPa)
  • semi-hard medium wires .15 to 5.0 mm (tensile strength approx. 600 MPa)
  • thick wires exceeding 5.0 mm


  • coils, weight 100 to 450 kg
  • cardboard spools, weight 500 to 800 kg
  • thick wires – to be agreed with the customer
  • packaging secured with PVC bands, stacked on industrial pallets

Order placement:

Each order must specify:

  • product quantity
  • steel grade
  • diameter and dimensional tolerances
  • mode of product packing